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Welcome To Cyber Security Awareness Month

October each year we take a pause countrywide to recognize the growth in Technology we have achieved, and the perils it has created form even the smallest of business. Cyber Security Awareness Month is right around the corner, and as America’s Cyber Insurance Expert, US Pro will again hone in on the most pressing of these perils in 2020 and into the coming year.

Since 2005 the Cyber Insurance landscape has evolved in every aspect- price, coverage, retention, and availability. What has not changed is the underinsuring and non-insuring of business all across the land. This is for many reasons, but the biggest dynamic is because insureds don’t believe they have risk, agents don’t know how to explain that risk, and carriers don’t provide the right resources to facilitate the other two.

This year’s theme is Do Your Part. #BECYBERSMART.

Beginning next week, and for the next 4 consecutive weeks, we will feature some topics and share some insight to promote this year’s theme. Follow us as we journey through how to be #BECYBERSMART in the month of October:

Week 1: Understanding Why Anyone Is At Risk
Week 2: The Means To The End In The Digital Age
Week 3: The Reality Of The Risk of BEC, Phishing, and Ransomware
Week 4: Changing Behavior Is The Only Solution

We look forward to sharing our personal insight on these topics with the determination that more will become informed and behavior patterns will change.