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Tap into America’s source for Cyber Insurance products and programs catering to all industry classes and sizes. US Pro is a frequent speaker to state and national associations on Cyber Liability other topics such as social engineering threats, HIPPA implications, and other key issues. Our online submission process, Privacy Breach Response Cost Calculator, and other tools have made US Pro nationally known as Cyber Liability leaders.

“Cyber Liability” is a general industry term used to describe a number of coverage components which make up a commercial business’ Cyber insurance policy. The first step in providing a strong Cyber proposal for your customer is understanding what the coverage components are and why they are needed. This is WHY you need to be working with US Pro.

Following is a list of today’s standard Cyber coverage components. Few carriers use the same language to describe these components, but the majority of the leading carriers writing Cyber coverages offer all of these.

These coverage components are split into two types of coverage: Third Party Legal Liability and First Party Costs.

Third Party Legal Liability Components

Costs that the Insured is legally liable to pay to a 3rd party 

Provides coverage to the insured for claims arising from personal or advertising injury arising from the Insured’s own electronic or printed materials

Network Security & Privacy Liability

Provides coverage to the insured for claims arising out of the breach or compromise of the Insured’s network, and/or personal confidential information of third parties (including employees) in its possession.

Regulatory Liability

Provides coverage to the insured for regulatory penalties, fines and actions brought against it by a regulatory agency as a result of a violation of any regulation or law requiring the protection of personal confidential information, or any other privacy law.

First Party Costs Components

Direct costs that the insured incurs as a result of a third party event 

Breach Response or Notification Costs

Pays for the costs of the Insured to respond to a network security and/or privacy liability breach or compromise. These costs should include notification to the affected individual, credit repair, monitoring and support services, legal and forensic expenses, and crisis management/public relations expenses.

Business Interruption

Pays for interruption expenses, income loss, and extra expenses incurred by the Insured due to a non-physical business interruption as a result of a covered cause of loss.

Loss of Data/Digital Assets

Pays for the expenses of the Insured to recover, repair or restore digital assets affected as a result of a network security breach.

Cyber Extortion

Pays for the reimbursement of costs incurred by the Insured as a result of responding to an extortion attack against the Insured through electronic means, including extortion monies.

Cyber Terrorism

Pays for the costs of the Insured as a result of a covered claim arising from a terrorist activity or event including any business interruption expenses above. *Many Cyber carriers are silent on Cyber Terrorism coverage so be aware of this ambiguity.

Other top coverage enhancement to consider, which vary in extent and availability of coverage from carrier to carrier, include:

  • PCI/DSS Fines/Assessments: Pays for the fines and assessments associated with non-compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is an important coverage component for all merchant-based businesses.
  • Economic Impact Coverage: A coverage unique in the marketplace and very hard to find, this extension of coverage pays for the economic impact and loss of revenue following an adverse media report regarding a breach event.
  • Cyber Crime Coverage: Pays for the costs associated with financial fraud, telecommunication fraud, and phishing attack losses.

Please let us take a look at a Cyber Liability program for your agency and all of your commercial customers today!

Our simple Cyber Indication Application is short and easy to complete, and minimum premium for third and first party coverage for a 1M limit begins at $1,000.

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