US Pro Insurance Services

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Unlike all other wholesale brokers and retail agents all over America, US Pro is proud to be recognized for its knowledge of EPLI and as one of the first people to work in it.

Our President J. Kevin Sneed was one of the very first underwriters of this coverage in America, which began in 1988 in Nonprofit D&O and quickly became its own line of business.

As a result, we enjoy a unique perspective from having grown up in EPLI from its very beginning, to its current evolved policy of comprehensive coverage options. Governmental regulation and over a decade of an eroding economy has led to big losses in EPLI, and changes in how the carriers approach writing these risks.

From the vanilla risk of a small private business, to the more difficult exposures associated with law firms, or medical offices, and all others, we really know how to find the right program for your customer.