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Breach Response Costs (BRC)[L]

What are Breach Response Costs (BRC)?

BRC are the first party expenses incurred by an Insured as a result of a privacy compromise of third party personal confidential information in their care, custody or control. These include the following expenses:

  1. Notification costs incurred to notify affected individuals of a breach of their personal information.
  2. Legal and forensic expenses incurred to determine the cause of a breach and navigate state by state notification laws.
  3. Customer support and credit monitoring services provided to affected individuals.
  4. Crisis Management and Public Relations expenses incurred to mitigate reputation damage or potential economic harm.

Every entity who has a privacy compromise will incur all or some form of these costs, so understanding what the minimal expense impact is for your customer is essential. The Breach Response Calculator below was developed as a tool to help you determine just what that potential impact is.