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Cyber 101 and Cyber 102

Where can you go to learn about everything Cyber? Has any wholesale broker become dedicated to Cyber? Who can help me understand what this Cyber policy covers, explain to me the exposures, get me access to America’s best carriers, and do all of this in a single day?

US Pro Insurance Services welcomes you! We have been working in Cyber Insurance for years, and as “America’s Cyber Insurance Experts”, we have helped our agent customers all over America successfully place their Insureds into the RIGHT Cyber Insurance program.

Over a year ago, we created as a place our customers could go for exciting blogs, useful articles, sales tools, and access to our insider magazine, CLUE, which hundreds of you now subscribe to. Visit us today and download an application, or peruse information, and you will see for yourself how much we really do know and share it with you.


Cyber 101

Cyber Insurance is more than an insurance policy. It is a comprehensive insurance program that has multiple coverage components making up two general coverage parts. These are Third Party (Liability) and First Party (Costs and Expenses).

The Third Party coverage parts protect the liability of the Insured arising from a claim that occurs from any of the 3 unique coverage components:

  • Media Liability
  • Network Security & Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Liability

The First Party coverage part reimburses the Insured for their own out of pocket expenses arising from any of the 6 unique coverage components:

  • Notification Costs
  • Crisis Management Expenses
  • Loss of Digital Assets/Data Restoration
  • Business Interruption
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Terrorism

The single most important thing to remember is that with Cyber Insurance, NO TWO POLICIES ARE ALIKE.


Cyber 102 – Advanced

Understanding the foundation laid out in Cyber 101 above is just the beginning of your journey into this very new, and VERY needed, line of business.

Listed as 1 of the Top 10 HOT Products to watch in 2014, it should now be a part of every business’ operations plan. No smart business operates without it, AND they also understand that despite every effort, they cannot fully protect themselves against Cyber threats.

Yet, just a basic understanding of the coverage is not enough to successfully sell the coverage, and further, sales of the wrong coverage can leave your client underinsured. In choosing Cyber Liability Insurance, coverage is always considered first before price. The amount of uninsured costs if an event does occur is far more expensive than the amount of premium saved up front.

Finally, advanced Cyber salespeople understand that the Breach Response Services team, that come as a benefit to policyholders for the best carriers today, ARE the difference. Knowing what to do and who to call at the onset of an event reduces anxiety, mitigates the damage, and can potentially avert long term consequences.

To become an advanced Cyber agent today, email me at and enroll your AGENCY into our Cyber webinar. While your at it, email me all of your Cyber risks to quote! And remember….

Long before we became Cyber experts, we already were known as one of D&O’s “who’s who”, as well as one of the father’s of EPLI as an underwriting executive in the late 1980’s. We are prominently known for our work with all industry classes in Professional Liability and E&O.

At US Pro, Specialty Lines and CNA Small Business Packages is all that we do!


Cyber Glossary

Today we help you understand Crisis Management Expenses and the importance of this First Party Cost coverage under a Cyber policy. These may be called Breach Response Costs, Public Relations Expenses, or some other term, and must be included in the coverage.

This reimburses the insured for its costs to hire public relations experts and/or undergo crisis management campaigns to reduce or prevent further economic damage or harm to reputation as a result of an event.