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Cyber Insurance – Prior Acts are Ticking Like a Bomb!


Under Cyber Liability Insurance, coverage is provided only for events that occur after the inception date of the policy. This is an important part of the policy a potential new insured needs to know. Every day without a policy is a time bomb for a couple of reasons.

The 4 Month Window
A Cyber claim takes time to develop. The average length of time from the onset of an event to its discovery is 3-4 months. This means that every day wthout a policy excludes coverage for the average event until 3 months into the policy. An uninsured entity is gambling in a game where the odds do not favor them by not having this coverage in place.

Increasing Probabilities
Cyber events continue to be the fastest growing Crime in American and are on the rise. It is only a matter of time until this problem reaches your customer. Every individual’s information is at risk, so every business is at risk of being targeted for it.

Today’s message is so simple, but very urgent. Uninsured risks are highly exposing themselves to a potential average claim of over $188,000, and further delay continues to compromise the integrity of your insured’s business every day they go uninsured. Write us today at for an immediate quote.