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Cyber Liability Exposed – An Open Webinar

Cyber Liability Exposed: The Stuff You Don’t Know

Understanding Cyber Insurance is more than what any one carrier is telling you. It is more than many brokers are telling you as well. After all, carriers are telling them the same thing. Our unique webinar “Cyber Liability Exposed” is a sales experience offering an in-depth and intricate discussion of Cyber Liability Insurance in its entirety. We will explain what Cyber Insurance it is, what coverage you should look for, why every commercial business is at risk, real claim examples, and much more.

Some of the highlights of this 1 hour webinar include:

  • Diagramming a Cyber policy
  • The importance of First Party coverage
  • Why Cyber Insurance is a property coverage and a liability coverage.
  • Top Cyber Insurance Myths
  • A Guide to Risk Management
  • Cyber Limits and Sublimits: What they really mean.

Three webinars will be offered from now through March 1st. While the last 2 dates are not yet on the calendar, the first webinar will be as follows:

  • Thursday, January 29, 1230PM-130PM CST

Up to 15 participants can join, so be sure to register now to secure your spot! Register now by emailing your RSVP before January 25th to today! We can also do a private agencywide webinar for your agency if you prefer. Simply email us with your request.

Listen, we know that time is money. This webinar is time spent that will result in money made. We hope to have you join!