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Cyber Webinars Like No Other

A Cyber Liability Webinar Like No Other

A lot of companies today are now offering webinars on the topic of Cyber Insurance. As we all know, there are too many new programs to mention here, and new ones seemingly yet to come. With this explosion of capacity to want to write this line of business comes with it a flood of opportunities to sit in on these webinars of the day.

What have you learned so far? What do you think you have learned? Several week ago we sent out a “quiz” of 5 questions you could try to answer to use as a litmus test of what you have been taught so far. How did you do?

A webinar is only a useful tool and constructive use of time when those who attend leave as soldiers of sales armed with the weapons of both knowledge and the passion to inform. Our Cyber Liability webinar is like no others out there today.

Our goal is to provide insight into the intricacies of a Cyber program, not just the coverage itself or the obvious exposures. You will dive much deeper into the real issues impacting exposures, coverage, event response, and event consequences. You wlll discover hazards you did not know existed, as well as the importance of coverage parts that ultimately will make a difference in a claim.

Best of all, with our “Diagramming the Record” segment, you wll finally see an organized link between the entire evolution of Cyber coverage from record to claim.


America’s Cyber Insurance Experts

What is it that makes US Pro “America’s Cyber Insurance Experts” anyways? After all, there are lots of companies and other wholesale brokers that do Cyber Liability. Here are the reason why.

US Pro is owned and operated by people with more than 30 combined years of executive underwriting experience prior to opening US Pro years ago. This ability to read, understand, and compare Cyber Insurance policy forms, which vastly differ between every carrier, allows us to make quick, informed choices of the best carriers to use for any risk. It also allows us to explain coverage in ways that can be used at the point of sale.

US Pro has relationships from past work experience with carriers that has spanned decades. This gives us opportunity to move quickly on everything we see.

We house a formidable wealth of knowledge for you at your fingertips if you visit

Finally, our customers span 46 states, from small rural agency partners and mid-size inependent agencies, and many large private retal agencies. We are recognized by them for our expertise and our speed in service.

Get your agency signed up for our webinar that is about 45 minutes to an hour. Schedule it for the agency over your lunch hour and US Pro will provide the pizza! Nothing is better than pizza and a webinar!

Write me today at so I can set you up with your webinar, or to send me a submission today!

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If it is Specialty Lines, then it is US Pro!