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Hacking for the holidays

Hacking for the Holidays

A Favorite Xmas Song…

There is phishing, and pharming
And breaches and hacks
Malicious viruses, and DOS attacks

But you would be appalled
Which happens more than all….

Its unintentional employee negligence
Like malware that they download
Or inadvertent disclosure
Clicking links that embed bad code

Improper data disposal
Records that are thrown away
Allowing unauthorized access
Not locking up at the end of the day

But then the biggest threat to face,
The carriers will say
Losing a mobile device
Or it is stolen in a heist!

You need to keep protected
Your customers’ identity
We are America’s Expert
For Cyber Liability

Send us your submissions for Cyber today to and give your customer this Christmas the gift of knowing that if an attack comes, they have a weapon this Holiday Hacking season.

If it is Cyber, EPL, Crime, D&O, or E&O…
It’s US Pro.