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Human errors

Human Error: The Primary Cause of Fire

Cyber Liability Insurance is misunderstood, and as a result, it is not purchased by most commercial insureds.

However, it is the most important insurance a business can buy, and protects against the highest average per loss of any other insurance they can buy.

Simply put, Cyber Liability Insurance is the FIRE INSURANCE of the FUTURE

What does that really mean? Let’s take a look at the 4 kinds of fires:

  • Commercial Structure Fire
  • Property Fire
  • Forest Fire
  • Cyber Fire

All of these fires share human error as the primary or secondary reason for the loss.  It is the intentional or unintentional negligence of you or your employees that is the biggest driver of claims within the Cyber fire, just as it is with the other types of fires.

Knowing that your employees account for over 80% of all claims, and 235 million phishing attacks occurred against US businesses in just the 3th quarter of 2017, understanding the risk and planning for the disaster becomes a real and present necessity.

Two immediate things can be done to help commercial insureds get ready for what may be coming their way:


Train your employees to use best practices when working online.  Use the ALWAYS, NEVER, SET rule.  Become a US Pro policyholder and gain access to training portals through your carrier and educational materials from US Pro.  Repeat training, and require it for all employees.  Keep training current and updated.


Changing the behavior patterns of people becomes easier when you educate them on the need for the changes, the threats they face together, and the potential impact of the threats to their business.  Employees who have a vested interest as educated consumers become better receivers of value added training.