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Cyber Liability Insurance. Every business needs it, but few have it. Most do not even understand it. US Pro is making this conversation a whole lot easier for you.

Get your ballpark indication for most industry classes by going to and clicking on the Specialty Lines Tab, and then the Cyber Liability tab. Here you will find our new Cyber Liability Ballpark Indication Form. Simply answer the 7 questions and click the Submit button and we will send you right back the ballpark indication. No applications needed to get an “indication” anymore.

For your convenience, here is the link to that page:

This newest part of our website is just the first of more coming enhancements that will help you become a better salesperson of Cyber Insurance, and more successful with your sales. At US Pro, we are more than just a broker. We are the Specialty Lines expert on your team.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions, or a request for an agency webinar. Submissions for Cyber or D&O, EPLI, Fiduciary, Crime, Professional Liability, or Medical Professional Liability can also be sent to me directly at

We look forward to working for you today!