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Chess match

Nobody Is Better At The 1’s

What’s the rush? We never ask that question at US Pro, for RUSHES are a US Pro specialty. Cyber. D&O. EPLI. Professional Liability. The line of business doesn’t matter. The size of the risk no problem. All that really matters is that the job gets done, and gets done fast! Welcome to our everyday world, but we are best on the 1’s.

So what are the 1’s? These are the expiration dates at the beginning and end of every month. Some brokers are too busy with renewals to work the 1’s, but here at US Pro we make as much time for the as we need to make.

Superior rush service. 30+ years of experience. Access to all of America’s best carriers. Agency webinars and seminars. Industry leading web site at

With all of this, we aren’t just the best on the 1’s, we are number one. For a far better brokerage experience, try us out today at and let us rush “1” out for you!