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Professional Liability and D&O is What We Do!

FEATURED: Professional Liability
E&O for all classes of professionals.

Professional liability is required for most contracts in today’s business world. Understanding what is needed, and where to go and get it, is the key to staying a step ahead of the competition. Whatever the risk is, we want to see if there is a solution we can find, including:

  • Architects & Engineers or Contractors Professional Liability
  • Lawyers Professional Liability for firms of 10 or more
  • Technology Risks
  • Collection Agencies
  • Insurance Agents E&O
  • Title Agents/Abstractors
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers/Bankers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Publishers and Printers
  • Consultants
  • Allied Medical Professionals
  • All other Miscellaneous Professional Liability Classes too!

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Our long line of carriers who write this have helped us transform our EPLI background from one of the first underwriters to create it, to one of America’s most knowledgeable brokers selling it. All classes, all sizes, whatever the issue is- send it over to us to have a look today!

Have an association looking for an EPLI program for its members? Ask us to create one for you!

Having a problem with a current customer’s Crime placement? Looking for better terms on a renewal? Is the class of business giving you fits trying to get a quote? US Pro has several markets for Crime waiting to see your submissions. Let us help you solve the Crime!

Cyber Liability/Tech
As America’s Cyber Insurance Experts, we simply spend more time learning, growing and living in the Tech and Cyber insurance world. Let US Pro help you understand the terms and coverage and important exposures to protect against as your Most Valuable Partner in the growing world of Cyber Liability Insurance.

Send us your submissions for any of the above lines, or Environmental, today to for an immediate response.