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Same Day Cyber Quotes

Cyber Quotes the Same Day!

Need a rush quote for Cyber Liability? Looking to begin offering Cyber Insurance for all of your commercial insureds mid-term instead of at their P&C renewal date? Most of all, do you want to be proactive in mitigating your own risk to an E&O claim for not having offered this coverage that every commercial insured needs?

US Pro, America’s Cyber Insurance experts, is the place to go to get all of this done. With our ability to quote online in our office, let us provide you with an indication from one of the leading Cyber programs in the industry and solve these problems for you today! Simply write us at for an application or download it from our website and send it in. Be sure to let us know you need it today!

What are the 2015 Cyber Threats?
While hacking is the most widely reported event, it is far from the biggest threats facing small business. Find out what these real time 2015 threats are in our next CLUE newsletter!

What policy should I buy?
We see it every day. Cyber being packaged into GL coverage. Cyber providing highly limited coverage. The worst of all – no Cyber coverage purchased at all. Underinsured and uninsured customers will bring an E&O claim against you! Find out what policy you should buy in our next CLUE newsletter.

How do I sell Cyber Insurance?
Using an expert is much less work than becoming an expert at Cyber Insurance. However, understanding what it is and what is covers is necessary, but far from enough. Regurgitating insurance terms to an Insured can glaze their eyes over. Learn how to speak Cyber to the consumer on their terms and facts you can use to be a better salesperson of this rapidly growing industry. Contact us today to set up your agency’s own Webinar.