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Want a way to calculate the cost of a Privacy Breach to your Insured?

US Pro’s “NEW” Breach Response Calculator

What if you could answer the question you are always asked?
The question we are asked more than all other questions. The question you are asked more than all other questions. No one could really answer it before, and understanding the reasons why is what led US Pro to create the industry’s first AND only Breach Response Costs Calculator.

This innovative tool is superbly easy to use and provides an estimated minimal financial impact for any kind of risk class using 3 simple questions. The Minimum Breach Response Costs figure is then immediately calculated and shown. Best of all, it is available only to US Pro customers as a free proprietary tool for increasing your sales success.

What are Minimum Breach Response Costs (BRC)?
BRC are the first party expenses incurred by an Insured as a result of a privacy compromise of third party personal confidential information in their care, custody or control. These include the following expenses:

  • Notification costs incurred to notify affected individuals of a breach of their personal information
    Legal and forensic expenses incurred to determine the cause of a breach and navigate state by state notification laws.
  • Customer support and credit monitoring services provided to affected individuals
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations expenses incurred to mitigate reputation damage or potential economic harm.

Every entity who has a privacy compromise will incur all or some form of these costs, so understanding what the minimal expense impact is for your customer is essential. The Breach Response Calculator was developed to help you determine just what that potential impact is.

Be An Expert, Or Use an Expert.

Beware of those who do not know what they do not know.

Even though comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance has been available for about 8 years, the diversity in coverage offered from carrier to carrier, the lack of uniform policy formats or languages, the advent of new programs and carriers who lack experience or understanding, and the constantly changing nature of the exposures and challenges facing commercial Insureds.

These are the main symptoms causing the knowledge deficiency of wholesalers and retailers alike. US Pro asks the question- Are you a Cyber Liability expert? If you answer this question No, then ask yourself “Is your broker one?” The top commandment in the 10 commandments of Cyber Insurance is to “Be An Expert, or Use an Expert”. We are America’s Cyber Insurance Experts- put us to work for you today!!

Contact today to get your login ID and password and start crunching BRC numbers for your insured’s today!